Baroness Newlove, the UK Victims’ Commissioner supports ‘My Life As A Bully’ with film introduction

Firehorse Productions are thrilled to announce that 'My Life As a Bully' has the support of Baroness Newlove, the UK Victims’ Commissioner, who is delivering the introduction to the film.

Baroness Newlove said:
"It is not right that almost half of children and young people say they have experienced bullying at school - we need to make sure they can learn in a safe environment and not feel isolated or victimised by others. This film rightly raises awareness to bullying, as the impact can be traumatic and often continues into adulthood. So let’s stand up for others and take action against this issue.”

'My Life As a Bully' is a mix of mockumentary and drama, made for young viewers to relate to and aims to make a real and lasting impact on the issue of bullying. The film is accompanied by a comprehensive educational resource pack, in line with the national curriculum.

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Posted by Richard Kean