B is for Bully wins ‘Best British Film’ Award

We end an incredible year with some exciting news.

It is with great pride we announce that ‘B is for Bully’  has won  

‘Best British Film’ at the London Film Awards 

Judges say ” On behalf of the London Film Awards, we applaud you for your superiority in your craft and storytelling. We wish you the very best in your continued filmmaking pursuits”

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“B is for Bully” wins award

We are delighted to announce that our film ‘ B is for Bully’, has won an award of merit at the Accolade Film Festival 

We are proud to champion innovative film for young people. 


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Award Nomination

We are very pleased to announce that ‘B is for Bully’ has been nominated for an award in the 

Accolade Global Film Festival. 

The festival celebrates innovative film making and the work of filmmakers who produce high quality drama. 

Fingers Crossed 

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Behind The Scenes

‘B is for Bully’ was filmed in July and August 2018. It’s primary location was a local 

secondary school and it was filmed over 6 days.   4 of the cast had been involved in our previous 

film project ‘My Life As A Bully’. 

Firehorse now has a charitable arm ‘Afan Arts’ and all proceeds from this film will go towards our next film

project, planned for April 2020.

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” I remember. Fly on the wall. I just pretend you’re not here and act natural. BE natural”.

He’s back – Peter Morgan Barnes as The Head Teacher, in our film ‘B is for Bully’.

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Behind The Scenes

Here at Firehorse HQ we have had a busy summer, filming ‘B is for Bully, a film that tackles the issues of cyber-bullying. 

The film will be available to purchase from 30th September 2018, but here are a few pics of the filming 



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‘B is for Bully’ our cyber-bullying awareness film

In July 2018 we were in production with our latest film ‘B is for Bully’.

Aimed at young people from 11 – 18, the film tackles the issue of cyber bullying.

In a recent survey of 5,000 young people, over 29% stated they had experienced cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying can reach someone anywhere, anytime  – it’s impact can have an affect of mental health.

With this in mind ‘B is for Bully’ focuses on the impact and consequences of this insidious act. 

B is for Bully will be available to purchase on DVD from 30th September 2018

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