Secure a digital download of ‘B is for Bully’

Our next film project will tackle the all too real issue of cyber-bullying 

If your school wishes to secure a digital download, please visit our funding campaign  at –  and simply pledge £25 


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B is For Bully – Funding Campaign

In April 2018 we plan to make a further exciting educational resource, this time tackling the all too real issue for cyberbullying 

To get this film into production we have launched a crowdfunding campaign . Please visit, support and share . We believe that when people come together, great things can happen . Why not be part of it ? 

Please visit the address below




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New film in development

 Is the title of our next film. Again a mix of powerful drama and ‘mockumentary’, it will tackle the all too real issue facing young people today, cyberbullying. This week The NSPCC published its annual review of what children and young people contacted Childline about during 2016/17.
Bullying and cyberbullying continues to be in the top three concerns of young people calling.

To get this film into production we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Monday 6th November 2017. Details to follow

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Screening at Houses of Parliament

On the 11th July 2017 MY LIFE AS A BULLY, was screened at The Houses of Parliament

Click the link below to see what M.P. for Aberavon, Stephen Kinnock says about the film


Stephen Kinnock MP

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MY LIFE AS A BULLY, had a screening in Parliament


Youngsters from Dyffryn Comprehensive have visited Parliament for a special screening of My Life As A Bully. The event, hosted by local MP Stephen Kinnock, showcased the locally made film starring pupils from the school. The mockumentary deals with the issue of bullying and how it affected those who are exposed to it.

Mr Kinnock supported and helped Firehorse Productions with the project and was delighted to welcome the youngsters to Parliament:
“Dyffryn youngsters and Firehorse Productions have produced a truly ground breaking drama, and it was a real privilege for me to be able to host this special screening, showcasing to my Parliamentary colleagues the amazing talent that we have here in Aberavon.
“My Life As A Bully delivers a powerful and thought-provoking anti-bullying message, and it left my parliamentary colleagues moved and inspired.”
The film was written and directed by Denise Francis of Firehorse Productions which is based in Aberavon:
“We are thrilled to have such great support for the film. Bullying is still an issue that pervades our schools, and for those that suffer from bullying, the after-effects can often follow them into adult life.

“Our message is that everyone; teacher, student, parent, bystander, can play an important role in tackling bullying, and we should all ensure that we do everything we can to support those who need us.”



The film was shot at Dyffryn Comprehensive and used pupils from the school to play the roles.

For more information on My Life As A Bully visit

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MP pops in to Firehorse – All action

Set 3

Stephen Kinnock has always been very supportive of our Anti Bullying work, so we popped his name on the clapperboard

We discussed our film work and have even promised him a cameo in our next project

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